Conformation Showing

When we purchased our first Coton in 2006, after swearing we would NEVER pay that much for a dog, we broke down and thought, why not go-for-broke and buy a show quality dog, and see where that leads? Thanks to the encouragement I received from Rocket Man's breeder, along with helpful instruction and mentoring by new-found friends at the shows, not to mention late night reading of Dog-Showing-for-Dummies books, I found myself off and running from the get-go! Little Rocket Man won a Best in Show award at our very first show! I was dumbstruck. And that was all it took to get me hooked! I believe that breeding and showing go hand-in-hand. It is very easy for a breeder to develop kennel blindness and miss the faults of her own dogs. While not all show judges are perfect, it is crucial that our dogs are at least occasionally evaluated by a knowledgeable, discriminating and objective dog professional that has a keen eye for structure and a good feel for temperament. More and more breeders nowadays are producing only pet puppies for the sake of monetary profit, paying little or no attention to the breed standard. Of course, both sire and dam of puppies being considered for purchase should have documented health tests, but structural soundness and an even temperament are just as important to the health of a dog! Champion-title dogs have been evaluated by at least three different judges. As a show-breeder my goal is to breed the best temperament, health, structure and beauty as defined by the FCI Breed Standard for the Coton de Tulear.