Rocket Man's Page

My first Coton, Rocket Man, comes from Snowy River Cotons in Colfax, CA.  If you have ever heard that Cotons have a mellow temperament, Rocket Man sets the bar!  Sweet, smart and gentle, he puts up with just about anything!  While he is lightning fast, I had high hopes for him in the agility arena, but he would just as soon stop and smell the roses as jump through hoops. He completed Delta Society training for therapy dog work and is a stranger to no one. Rocket Man earned 4 BIS titles during his show career and is multi-championed through IABCA and UKC. He has a magnificent coat-- huge, correct and cottony. While the judges loved it, I will admit that I spent way too many hours in front of the TV grooming this dog! Shortly after he retired from showing, the shears came out. He loves his shorter cut and now gets to be a "regular dog"! Rocket Man is Rosie's dad.