Welcome to Raindance!

I invite you to enjoy this site and learn a bit about my dogs. The Coton de Tulear is a wonderful companion breed--they are not bred to hunt vermin, retrieve birds, or pull sleds. Its main job is to enjoy his owner and in turn for his owner to enjoy him! Cotons can excel as therapy dogs, in obedience and agility trials. Smart and athletic, they are eager and willing travel companions, adjusting well to new situations. I have seen grown men melt when they hold their first Coton puppy, and children and Cotons can be a match made in heaven.

If you have never met a Coton de Tulear "in person", do make an effort to attend a show or visit a breeder to learn more about these wonderful dogs. I am always available to answer questions. Looking for a Coton puppy? Please take time to find a reputable breeder, preferably a member of one of several Coton de Tulear Breed Clubs that you can research online. As this breed is gaining in popularity, there are more and more backyard and commercial breeders selling "Cotons". Your diligence in meeting and getting to know your breeder will help to ensure your puppy is happy and healthy!